Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Kestrel Report 2009

I've been working recently to follow up on the nesting American Kestrels in the Manhattan. Here are some of the results from 86th to 155th.
Starting with what I believe is the oldest kestrel pair on Manhattan, the 86th Street pair (at least 6 seasons). They nest in a modillion along CPW,

and I caught them copulating in a favorite ginko, just inside the Park.

Next up was the pair that frequent East Harlem. The male and female spun up together, circling high over Wildflower Meadow. I watched amazed as the male rocketed straight down into the wood at the top of the road,

making a hairpin turn and then land in the large tree overlooking the Meadow.

Soon a robin chased it off.
RDC says the kestrels I see in my nabe nest in this cornice on 116th.

Come June we will need to have some local help to make sure they dont get squished!
Further uptown, I caught up with this male on 145th St.

I tracked them further north to Jackie Robinson Park, where the old Yankee Stadium still stands (for now).

She tore off and soon, spun towards me. I only managed this shot once she had already entered the cavity.

Later while chatting with a friend in St. Nicholas Park...

this beauty showed up. All the robins when crazy chirping till she flew off to the North.

Great news so far on the kestrel front, lets hope the other raptor pairs fare just as well!

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