Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

Been checking up on kestrel reports from around Manhattan. I caught up with a pair that makes their home on the Lower East Side. Both the male and female were outside the scrape on a fence. As I rounded the corner, the male dove into a willow in an attempt to raid a robin's nest. The female followed him in.

She then flew out and into the nest.

The male returned where he preened for a while. Then he was off to hunt in other parts of his range.

Next I checked out a pair that had been discovered in East Harlem. I found the female on a flag pole, calling to the male.

He then landed on a nearby church where he passed the prey off to the female.

The male was then off and dove into a nearby building, just out of sight.

I could hear the kik-kik of the kestrel against the high pitched cries of the parents. The male then returned just over head with his prize...a baby pigeon!

He then flew off overhead and placed the kill in a rusted out cornice, but which wasnt the nest.

The female then flew in and took the prey to the nest.

On 145th, I caught the daily duel between the red-tailed hawk that makes forays and the resident male kestrel.

Also seen were jays, crows, cedar waxwings and a pair of kingbirds!


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