Monday, June 04, 2007

Branching Out

All across the city, nesting birds are progressing through their stages. The time will soon be upon us for fledging. In that time, there will be numerous nests to watch...some are only about a week or so away! For instance, the young hawks in Highbridge Park, are already making long forays outside of the nest and onto neighboring branches.

I found their mother nearby keeping watch.

The seemingly empty nest.

At the cathedral, the young dont have the benefit of a built in playground.

The parents also keep a close watch from nearby.

Meanwhile the resident kestrels continue their busy pace!

I also found this oriole's nest.

And after some time located the source of a strange whistling...

An escaped cockatiel!

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Anonymous said...

Were you able to catch the cockatiel? It seems like a precarious situation for the little guy with so many predators around.