Monday, May 07, 2007


The warm temps produced a fallout of spring migrants. I decided to try my luck at the Blockhouse in the North Woods. Upon entering the Park, I could hear all kinds of buzzing, chirping and well, warbling. Most of the birds were highup in the canopy, picking through the catkins.

A magnolia came down low.

The resident kestrel showed up looking for a meal amongst the migrants.

He flew in for a closer look!

He re-appeared for another foray.

I then checked out some ESO's, who also checked me out.

I swung down to see if the west side kestrel male might have fallen victim to Pale Male some weeks back. I found the female, out hunting for ominous sign around nesting time.

A large RTH then swooped by. I wondered if this was the overwintering hawk that Bruce had photographed a few weeks back.

Later I saw it mobbed by grackles over CPW.
In other hawk news, the Inwood, Highbridge and St. John the Divine nests seem to be thriving. The parent continue to hunt voraciously to bring enough food to the nest.


The mom takes a break.


Mom preens.

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