Sunday, February 18, 2007

Raptor Force!

The great thing about keeping a blog is referring to past entries. A year ago this time the resident red-tailed hawks and kestrels could be seen courting and mating all over the place. I set out to see if any evidence of this behaviour could yet be seen. Instead, I wound up encountering lots of female kestrels, some hawks, and got a great look at the peregrine pair on Broadway Bridge. It began with the resident female kestrel, perched on a fire-escape!

She intently watched the flocks of sparrows in Jackie Robinson Park before heading out east.

I then found the male RTH a few blocks away, over looking Edgecombe Ave.

Winding north along Highbridge Park, I looked for evidence of any Red-tails, but saw none. At 183rd St., however I spotted a familiar sillouhette.

And identified a nearby building where the scrape may be located.
I then shot up to Broadway Bridge, where the peregrine pair was in full view!
The male...

And the female. She looked huge all fluffed up in the sun!

And the pair together!

Before heading out, I spotted another female kestrel patrolling the Marble Hill houses on 230th.

Also encountered these guys!

PS sorry for not posting people's comments earlier, for some reason, Blogger had hid them on me. I will do my best to respond to them. Shalom!

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