Saturday, February 24, 2007

Croton Point Park

After reading reports of ealges and harriers at Croton Point Park, I decided to make the journey north to investigate these sightings. Before I got on the train at Marble Hill, I went to visit the Peregrines on Broadway Bridge. I found them sunning themselves and preening.
The male...

the female.

While the male preened,

the female spotted something and was off.

Then the male was off too. he still out there?


At Croton Point Park,

I immediately spotted two juvy Bald Eagles in some trees. The flew off before I could get close. But then this guy crested over a hill!

He swooped and dove into the long grass!

This norther harrier is a lifer and an amazing bird. I spent at least an hour watching this one effortlessly ride over the hills on the stiff breeze.
Looping around the large hill, I spotted some more eagles out on the ice. This one caught a huge fish!

All in all, I saw about a dozen eagles...about half Adults, half juveniles.

Coming around to the main grassland area, I spotted this guy!

The White Ghost!

Finally, I got a really great look at this juvy!

Looks like he's been banded.

Also saw this lifer...a common Merganser.


Ben C. said...

Nice shots from Croton Point Park ... especially the Northern Harriers.

I took a trip to Croton Pt. early in January with Omar and the train ride from Grand Central is very convenient.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog, but the black background is awful.

yojimbot said...

Ummmm. Thanks for your honesty anonymous, but I think the black background accentuates the pix. Anyone else care to weigh in on the background? If not black, what other color would you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Please consider changing from a black or dark background. I love the site, but hate the black background.

yojimbot said...

Duly noted anonymous.

yojimbot said...
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