Saturday, February 03, 2007

Baby its Cold Outside!

But that doesnt stop the over-wintering raptors from doing their thing. Already the RTH courtship dances can been seen high overhead, and I am eagerly anticipating the upcoming kestrel mating which should beging in the next few weeks. Here's sampling of recent activity. It begins with the daily dance between the Highbridge Hawk and the crows of St. Nicholas.

One of the Central Park South Pairs has a not so subliminal message for us!

Here's one of the Broadway Bridge peregrines.

While the St. John the Divine pair court each other over the Conservatory Gardens.

Finally, here's a great look at the Cooper's Hawk that has been skulking around Jackie Robinson Park. Notice the bulging crop!

The cycle reaches its completion!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Come here often but have never left a comment. Today I wanted to ask you about the crop. Can you tell me more?

yojimbot said...

Dear Scout,

Sorry its taken me a year to respond to your post, but my bloggy hid this comment. Anyway, the crop is a sac-like structure at the base of the neck that birds store meat in. There it is partially digested and then reworked inside the animals stomach. It's also known as the gizzard! Yum!