Saturday, December 09, 2006

Highbridge Hawks

Took a trek up to the Highbridge Park to scout out the Hawks there. The crisp, cold air made for perfect hawking weather. I spotted the richly colored male on top of the Polo Grounds, making runs at the pidgeon flocks along the park!

We watched him fly way out over the Bronx where he was joined by another RTH. He then sliced back into the park. We found him perched on a branch.

We also spotted this juvy RTH perfectly camoflauged on a snag.

As we meandered throught the Park, I kept looking for signs of owls. We found this dead, frozen and partially dismembered White-footed mouse on a trail.

Moving on, I spotted what looked to be the RTH nest! I'll be keeping a careful eye out in the coming months!

If confirmed, this would be the 5th active RTH nest in Manhattan!
Finishing up at Broadway Bridge, I spotted one of the Peregines sunning itself.

Walking to the other side, both came into view!

On a final note...

Man, you said it!

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