Saturday, April 15, 2006

DC Birds

Drove down to DC for a few days just to get a dose of full on spring, which seems to have arrived there about 2 earlier than NY. Surprisingly we didnt see one redtail but the highlight of the trip were a pair of ospreys that flew over low at about 30 feet off the ground.

We also spotted this guy at Great Falls,

One interesting note were the tons of Turkey Vultures and

When we visited the National Cathedral, I saw tons of starlings, robins, sparrows and pigeons roosting in the towers. If this was NY there would be either a peregrine or RTH about...but nothing. Finally, a kestrel appeared,

and swooped into its nest. I could hear it calling kek kek kek and then the young began peeping raucously. Sweet, a DC kestrel nest!

Also saw this guy over Georgetown at dusk!

And these birds performing a mating dance.

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