Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Crow vs. Hawk

Even top predators like hawks have their foil in nature. Crows are mortal enemies of the RTH and will attack them relentlessly. Being smaller and more agile, a crow can manuver in close to use its beak to damage feathers. Of course, the hawk can also spin around and bring its talons into play--something for which the crow has no answer. While searching for the hawks, I frequently see crows spaced out throughout the neighborhood, waiting patiently for the hawks to move through. I caught this sequence late today as the hawk moved to roosting area...

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Ben C. said...

Nice capture on the video! What camera did you use for that?


P.S. - nice sequence of photos below with that pristine looking juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. It has yet to molt in even a single red tail feather. I one saw a RT molting in a singl red tail feather that wasn't full grown yet. This was during the hot months of summer.