Tuesday, March 18, 2014

History Repeats Itself for the Last Time

This is the last nesting season before the Cathedral develops the St. Luke's doctor parking lot. Seeing how the birds reacted to the roof renovations in 2008, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the last year for hawks at the Cathedral. In preparation of that, I caught them copulating in a tree near the nest exactly one year from this scene. And the same scene from 2009 and again in 2007...talk about reliable. Exactly what it is that contributes to this pattern, I dont think I will ever know, but in honor of the essence we call Love, here are the St. John the Divine hawks in all their glory. Cathedral Female Sexual Healing Sexual Healing Cathedral Nest Good luck to all the 2014 nesters!


Anonymous said...

Very sad that this nest site will be gone. Your Florida pictures are great and I was just mentally commenting how can so many great birds exist in florida--given it must be so hugely developed --then I saw your comment about how we continue to impact them. Happy birding and thanks!

Anonymous said...

Somehow I just learned about the St John's real estate development. Thanks for the link to their site. I'm trying to quickly bring myself up to speed on the situation. I understand the need for funds, but this is sad for the neighborhood. And what a profound loss if the Cathedral hawks stop nesting.

That said, your photos are, as always, terrific.