Saturday, March 15, 2014

Florida Crazy

Continuing on the Big Year theme, I start with a correction from the last post...consensus is that #86 is a juvenile RSH. Guess I'll have to wait till fall to add that one. But there have been quite a few editions to my list, some in Jersey and a large chunk after a quick trip to Florida. All in all I have to say that Florida is a bird paradise although it is down from its former status as harboring millions upon millions of birds. Still everywhere I went were awesome birds getting down despite all-encompassing way in which we have impacted their environment. Best sighting was a Burrowing Owl (#87) pair nesting at Vista View Park...such beautiful and fascinating birds. Burrowing Owl Most surprise sighting was a swallow-tailed kite (#88) hunting tree swallows (#89). swallow tailed kite tree swallows In numerous quantities were RSH and the tiny sub-species of falco sparverius (#90)! kestrel vs swallows Much to my surprise I also found quite a few barn owls (#91). barn owl Then are the transplants gone native, including the Blue-crowned Parrot (#92), blue-crowned parrot and the Muscovy Duck (#93). Muscovy duck

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