Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Kestrel Nesting Season 2013

Now that March is here the Kestrels of NYC are beginning to mate and nest. Finding their nesting cavities is a time consuming but very rewarding process. Basically it involves listening for their calls and then tracking them as they move through their turf. On 116th St. I found this male and female post-copulation, stalking the starlings that feed on the scraps in the street. 116th Kestrels The male then flew up into this cavity, but he may have just been scoping it out. KestrelNest? The female sunned but then dove down at some starlings at my feet. 116th Kestrel She missed, but I was surprised how comfortable she was on the street. After a few seconds, she recomposed and flew up to a nearby tree. 116th Kestrel Lets hope they have a successful year! Kestrel_Cross If you have any sightings, please email me at yojimbot at gmail dot com. Cheers!

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