Saturday, March 02, 2013

Birding the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Got my 100-400L in for a cleaning this week so I decided to do some different types of birding. Walking through the galleries of the Met I was struck by how birds are universally embraced by diverse cultures. Their beauty, their design, their ability to fly to the heavens were all revered and copied by our forefathers. Here's my iphone shots from the Birds of the Met. Assyria: EagleEyes India: Indian Nightjar Iran: Seljuk Birdy Paris: African Grey Manet Rome: Alchemical Birds Co-incidentally, they were holding a "Birds in the Art of Japan" exhibit: Finches vs Owl White Hawk Japanese Eagle And on the way out...Eagle from India: Garuda vs Naga Ohm Garuda, namo nama!

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