Sunday, January 06, 2013

North Wood Saw Whet

There has been owls sign all throughout the North Woods in recent weeks. Following a hunch, I combed the Park until I came upon a familiar scene. Saw Whet 2013 Looking closer I realized there were several pellets amongst the droppings. I scooped a couple up. Two saw whet Pellets Using the Rob Jett reverse doo-doo triangulation method, I eventually came upon a lump in the tree. Saw Whet 2013 Yes! A beautiful saw-whet was dozing overhead. Saw Whet 2013 I ran home and got my camera can made it back for flyout. Here it is after nightfall in the streetlights glow. Saw Whet 2013 Accidental flash pic here. For the record, I do not condone the use of flash when taking pictures of owls. Also if you look at the pic, while clearer than the ambient light shot, it has absolutely no character. Saw Whet 2013 In fact if you really look, it seems as if the owl was pissed at me. Sorry Bro! Here's him preening. See how much more natural without the obstrusive flash? Saw Whet 2013 But so much more technically challenging to shoot at .5 sec exposure while hand holding, especially if you are cold! Saw Whet 2013 Fly out was very interesting. Basically a large raccoon scaled up the tree and went towards the owl. I could barely discern it flying off into the dark.

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