Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inwood Hill

Great weather for getting out and about. I started in the Meer and was able to relocate the NSWO although spotting him is now almost an impossible task. NSWO I think its because this guy is constantly on the prowl in the same area. Meer Hawk We then tried our luck up at Inwood Hill Park. On a day like today, with winds out of the NW, I expected to see a Bald Eagle perhaps. No such luck. After combing the many stands of pines, I did happen to find another NSWO! Inwood NSWO No direct shots of him, but just seeing that beautiful tear-drop shape nestled in the pine needles made the trip. On the way out we spotted two adult RTH's in a tree having a meal. Inwood RTHs Inwood RTHs_1 Inwood RTHs Inwood RTHs Oddly enough, there was a guy there with a hexacopter drone, apparently taking pictures of the hawks. Inwood Drone Luckily the hawks didnt seem to be bothered by this device although I didnt watch long enough to see if that had changed. On the way back to the train there was a huge murmuration of starlings at the Broadway Bridge and this guy looking to pluck one from the flock. Broadway Peregrine

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