Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cathedral Baby

Due to the conditions in the nest, the babies dont become visible for some time after hatching. Despite numerous feedings, I hadnt caught a glimpse of the apparently two chicks. RBS confirmed their presence with a shot the other day, but from the past its been shown that this nest usually produces a 3rd runt chick which doesnt always survive. Here's one of the fluff balls in the morning light. Mom&Baby Mom flying out to the chimney above St. Luke's. Mom&Baby I found Dad looming over Central Park, searching for nests to raid. These crows immediately responded and mounted a defense. DadvsCrows There were 4 in total and seemed to come from the pines on the west side of the Blockhouse. Including this gnarly one missing a few tail feathers. DadvsCrows Eventually they ganged up and drove the Hawk out over the Park. DadvsCrows DadvsCrows A successful crow murder! DadvsCrows

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