Monday, May 21, 2012

Against All Odds

Many of the RTH nests in the City have experienced the death of at least one adult in the past year. The nest at CCNY has actually fared even worse, loosing a parent and two chicks last summer to frounce and falls. Despite this, the remaining adult female has reconstituted her territory and it seems that they are in fact nesting again on the same dangerous ledge. I found the male pulling guard duty on the flag pole atop Shepard Hall. CCNYRTH The banded female then showed up and landed in the nest. CCNYRTHnest CCNYRTHnest I couldnt really tell what she was doing in there, but she soon flew out. CCNYRTH2 Notice her wet and dirty tail...evidence of nest sittings. The male then joined her, wheeling above St. Nicholas Park. CCNYRTH CCNYRTH2 CCNYRTH2 She then perched atop Shepard Hall, trying to blend in with the finials. A poppa Robin was aware of her watching him, waiting for him to bring this fat bunch of worms to the nest so she could then raid it (more evidence of chicks). MommaRobin This dove also laid low till the hawk flew off. MorningDove I found her on the other side of Shepard Hall, trying to ambush some squirrels. As soon as she noticed me, she flew out. CCNYRTH2 Good luck guys, Ill be watching and hoping for the best.

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