Sunday, February 27, 2011

Screechy and Peachy

Passing on a trail, I spotted this gal taking a mid-day sun nap.

Oblivious to the strollers, joggers and bikers, she roused only when an idling Ambulance gurgled to a stop nearby,

before re-adjusting to face the sun again.
From where I stood, I could see a distant kestrel perched atop a building. I tracked the bird to Amsterdam Ave. where I found her stalking a flock of starlings. Suddenly the starlings flew out in a storm, but the kestrel remained. After hearing a few "squeaks" I found the cause.

This escaped peach-faced love bird seemed to be calling to me. I called back and surprisingly she flew down to my feet where I promptly scooped her up. Half starved and half asleep, she snoozed in my hat while I hailed a cab home.
Welcome to the Sanctuary little Bro!

Disclaimer: No birds were violated during the taking of these pictures, although Peachy requested that I take her pic exclusively from the right-side from now on.


Christian said...

A nice to make a friend. Well done.

cathy hovath said...

LOVE the disclaimer !!!xo

Donegal Browne said...

I'm so pleased you got her!

BTW, I showed Quicksilver Peachy's picture. He's very much hoping there will finally be a bird around who speaks English.

Anonymous said...

Great story. Peachy was lucky to have found you. SO how is she doing?