Thursday, February 03, 2011

Columbia Peregrine Hunt

I was lucky enough to track the Peregrines to a spot near one of their favorite ambush locations. It seems that by occasionally changing up their hunting perches, they are able to retain the element of surprise. And no one was more surprised than me by the awesome teamwork these two birds used to alternately flush and then run down their favorite prey.
What time is it?

Its lunch time!

Shout out if you love Peregrines!!!

After consuming her share, she then let the male feed,

while she lit out somewhere over Broadway.

Now here's some video of the same!

I was also found this juvy redtailed hawk snacking on a squirrel in Riverside Park.

And this Ice Blue Heron in Winter Plumage!

One of my best birding experiences today, many thanks to Mother Nature for the close encounters.


cathy hovath said...

that is so cool !!!

yojimbot said...

thanks Cathy!