Thursday, November 11, 2010

Peregrine Kill

Not sure what it was about yesterday, but I saw more intense raptor action in 2 hours than I've captured in the past 2 months. From my roof I see hawks and falcons hunting daily, but that is characterized by long, long waiting periods only to see the bird flyoff down and away, out of sight. For whatever reason, the birds were breaking in all the right directions yesterday so here's a compilation of yesterday's best action.
Riverside Peregrine circling...

then a stoop.

And a miss, but the falcon recomposed and turned out over the Union Theological Seminary.

Hawking over the buildings, he flushed prey while the female waited above for the right moment to single out a bird.

In this case, she snags a Yellow Shafted Flicker above Columbia,

this pic is all of 5 seconds after the kill as she flies off to meet the male.
Later, from the Harlem Viaduct, I spotted the pair aggressively defending their turf from an intruding adult Peregrine.

A bit north at Riverbank State Park, an adult RTH chasing off a juvy.

and a hunting adult Male Kestrel.

PS the Parks Dept has removed all traces of the Monk Parakeet Colony above the football field. Its a cruel, cruel world out there sometimes birdys, but keep your heads up...I know you'll find a way!

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Anonymous said...

What football field? Is it at Columbia? I have a special interest in Monk Parakeets which show up every winter at the suet/apple feeder attached to my fire escape in Brooklyn. But the parrots leave as soon as the weather gets warmer. These poor birds seem to be constantly under siege--from parrot poachers to common vandals.