Sunday, November 21, 2010

Croton Point Park

It was a great day to check out Croton Point Park. Although there was some bird action, its not the untrammeled place it once was. After catching a Cooper's near miss near the train station,

I noticed a model helicopter passing over the Hill. Immediately I knew there would be no Harriers today. So veered into the woods where I was treated to a great look at a Belted Kingfisher, who promptly flew off as I got my camera ready. Pressing on, I encountered lots of sparrows,

Chickadees, Titmice, and Downy woodpeckers. While checking out wp holes for ESO's, I happened upon this pair, shacking up in an old beehive!

Despite a through search I could find no Owls, nor signs of them. Upon leaving the Park,
I was treated to the resident redtailed pair, hunting in tandem through the woods.

They squirrel they were after managed to evade, but it was a great site to see the male chase it to one side, as the female flew in to that side.

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