Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Redtail Roundup

As has been widely documented, NYC is THE place for Redtails both young and old in the Winter. Here's a collection of some recent pix from around the nabe.
While walking on ACP Blvd. in the snow/sleet, I spotted a group of pigeons break from a roof. Just underneath, I saw Isolde curl up and nab a slow pigeon on the side of a building.

She plucked the still living bird in the icy storm.

Down in Riverside Park, the nesting pair there continues to make ample use of their territory. I found the female with a broken beak, sunning over the West Side Highway.

The tough conditions lead to much starvation amongst the resident starlings, sparrows and squirrels...

they even resort to garbage raids to stay alive.

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