Saturday, January 31, 2009

Harlem Piers

Although to-date no Bald Eagles have been spotted off this pier, there still continues to be surprises. The Black-backed gulls, the hooded mergansers and even the occasional peregrine, this spot is always active. Its secret lies in its design: It serves as a natural windbreak and break water on the Hudson currents, enabling diving ducks to work the shoreline. Today was another level of awesomeness with what I found. Two adult male canvasbacks!

They allowed me to get fairly close,

as they engaged in diving, and all sorts of dramatic preening!

Magnificent Duck!

Here's some green thrown in as complimentary contrast.

Also seen nearby, the peregrine pair.

And this juvy RTH on 140th and FDB.


Anonymous said...

I love ducks. Those birds were gorgeous and they seemed to know it!


yojimbot said...

Thanks Dee...they were quite the show offs!