Saturday, December 13, 2008

More Harlem Hawks

Over Harlem, great flocks of starlings and pigeons can be seen darting amongst the Brownstones. Usually in pursuit is one falcon or hawk of one kind or another. Today I had 2 different types of hawks and 3 types of falcons. Starting off with the Cathedral female on 115th.

She in the foreground and Tristan atop Wadleigh.

After about 30 minutes, she suddenly took off towards the east side, skimming the cornices, trying to snag a spooked starling. It was crazy watching such a large bird so gracefully ducking through the fire escapes, branches and odd wires in her path. As she reached the end of the block she swung around on some pigeons perched across the street. Here's some of that...

Yeah, I shoulda edited that, but Im a little backedup editing wise. From my roof I've also spotted the Riverside Church peregrines, a plucky male kestrel that runs up Amsterdam, and this juvy hawk, poaching over the Projects.

Norman vigilantly patrols his northern 125th St. border against this youngster. Here he is slicing across the Grant Houses toward Broadway.

I was also able to catch a glimpse of a Cooper's Hawk above the Lionel Hampton Houses on St. Nick. Approaching the Park, I spied this adult male!

He allowed me to get quite close (something a hawk in a more wild setting would never allow).

The murderous red eye!

At CCNY, I saw a fleeting glimpse of a redtailed hawk over Jackie Robinson. I also observed the reminants of this years failed nest. Based on the juvy in the area, I would say that like the Highbridge pair, they may have double clutched (a fairly common occurance in nesting urban raptor). I followed the hawk over 145th to the River where I observed several huge black-backed gulls, skimming the bridge. Eventually a very dark red tailed hawk circle over and then crossed the River, alighting on a building near the old Yankee Stadium. As I walked back to the train, I spotted this guy with a fresh kill.

An overwintering Merlin!


uptownflavor said...

Amazing! Where those BB gun shots in the first video? Do people try to shoot these birds?

yojimbot said...

Thanks UF...those repeated "bangs" were nail gun shots coming from the Savannah construction site. The hawk didnt even flinch!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I am in Dayton, Ohio and we've been seeing a hawk (I think it's a light-colored redtail)in our neighborhood the past couple of weeks. I was looking for photos online to confirm the species and I came upon your page. The hawk let me get really close to it today to take photos ... it was eating what looked like a smaller bird and wasn't too concerned with me at all!