Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Croton Point Park

With the Northern wind I've been expecting an Eagle or two to make their way over the City. So far no luck, so instead I ventured up to their stronghold at Croton Point Park. Here's what I found.
From the 125th St. MetroNorth, I spied this kestrel pair.

Upon arrival, it was clear this was Redtail country!

This adult has light eyes like Norman.

And was no less vigorous in defending it!

Bey found the pair perched together.

We saw this adult Bald Eagle making its rounds.

Also seen were this adult Cooper's,

this juvy Sharpie,

this group of Waxwings,

and this raft of Ruddies.


Mark said...

I enjoyed your photos of birds in flight. I think it's amazing that birds of prey can survive so well in an urban environment.

yojimbot said...

thanks such a special place. go beyond your comfort zone. take risks.