Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Three of a Kind

For the past few weeks, I've had fleeting glimpses of kestrels throughout the Hamilton Heights area. I couldn't tell if any of the birds was either the adults that inhabit the region or recently fledged falcons. This weekend, on 07.07.07, as I was walking up Highbridge Park, I spotted two kestrels perched outside the Morris Jumel Mansion. In the weird light, I got a few good shots off. Here's the diminutive male.

and the larger female.

The pair on a snag.

A bluejay came in for a look.

It wasnt till I got home and looked at the pictures that I realized that these were two recently fledged young. Could it be that the pair had a successful nest this year? I headed out the next day and searched the area. At 155th, high above Edgecomb Ave. I found the youngsters cavorting on the solid breeze.

As they spun and dove on each other over and over I was awestruck at their agility and speed. After diving behind a building, I lost them for several minutes. When I spotted them next, there were three!

They were literally playing a game of tag!

You're it!

One of the males broke away from the group.

He swung a few blocks down St. Nicholas and landed outside the scrape. He then gave me some of the best kestrel shots I've gotten to date!

Thank you Harlem and congratulations on the triplets to the St. Nicholas Pair!

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