Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mid-Summer's Fledgles

In a few weeks, the heat and summer sun will make this years crop of fledges scarce. Now is the peak of their activity. As I transverse Harlem, I took a informal survey of all the fleglings I could find. There was good news to report! On 125th and 155th I found two groups of 3 successful crow fledglings. I also found a group of 2 kingbirds fleglings, the 3 kestrel fleglings and signs of the 3 Highbridge babies. In addition, there was a massive erruption of cicada killers! We start with the young kestrels.

Nearby I found the young kingbirds.

Suddenly the young kingbirds swooped down on the cicada killers!

I was amazed as it deftly plucked the huge and menacing wasp out of the air! It landed next to its sibling!

And clubbed the unfortunate insect on a branch.

Also within in spitting distance were a crop of new crows! Its great to see two successfull nests back in Harlem after the devastation of West Nile. They were sunning themselves in the brilliant sunlight!

I also saw these two adult RTH's! This one stealthily landing on CCNY...

And one of the Highbridge parents perfectly concealed in the shade of a huge locust tree just off of the nest.

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