Friday, August 11, 2006

Butterfly Pix

This wet summer has produced a prodigious crop of winged insects. There continue to be large numbers of monarch, painted ladies and tiger swallow tails. There has also been a bumper crop of rare moths and bumblebees. Also present are copious yellow jackets and flies!


Unknown said...

These are simply beautiful photographs! Congratulations!
I love birds , butterflies and bees,though I can't name many of the butterflies...There are moths such as the lunar moth that are intriguing,too...All nature, great and small, the Lord God loves us all..
Rubye Fielder
Valdosta GA USA

Anonymous said...

Love these pix. I printed the top one and inverted it only to see a dead mouse with three wasps and a green bottle fly devouring it. Strange view, but the ear caught my attention. Verrry interesting.

Another photo bug, Ken

Renton, Washington