Sunday, May 02, 2021

The Cradle Will Rock

After thinking this nest had failed, lo and behold there's a lone chick. Still retaining his floof, its a late but very welcome baby. Between the eagles, osprey and kestrels, and all the other wildlife thats taken hold in the remains of this abandoned place, its seems only when we leave things alone do they truly flourish. The Crade will Rock She mounts a spirited defense, combing the surrounding osprey back. Offense-Defense MommaFlyby EaglevsOsprey Although half the weight, Osprey are themselves extremely territorial and attack when they can. Eagle vs Osprey In their shadow the kestrels find a refuge of their own! KestrelNest KestrelNest Although even North Americas smallest (by weight) and largest (by weight) still have their impasse! NotInFocusDamn

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