Sunday, June 21, 2020

Summer Solstice

The Jersey Shore is really coming into its own now. Even tho the babies are out of the nest, the parents stick close by due to the incessant Osprey attacks! BE vs Osprey 2 The eagles have fledged and the peregrines are not too far behind. This year the Peregrines ganked the resident Osprey nest, thus they are up high on a gigantic stick nest. Peregrine Nest The Osprey that were evicted, built their nest on a nearby telephone pole. From the right angle, you can get both nests, with young in one shot! Osprey Nest/Peregrine Nest Highlight of the day was the presence of a kestrel nest! In one morning, I was able to see North America's largest and smallest raptors nesting, foraging and generally being the badass birdys they are! Kestrel vs Mockingbird

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