Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Osprey Maze

There's a certain corner of the Jersey shore where one can observe over 3 dozen osprey nests. MommaOsprey On the remains of the old Fort Monmouth, it seems that one can find their nests cheek by jowl down its abandoned winding streets. Amazingly in the heart of this sanctuary is a successful Bald Eagle nest with 2 chicks in it! EagleFamily Even more amazingly there are a few redtailed hawk nests sprinkled in there as well as a bold peregrine family that has stolen an Osprey nest for themselves! Peregrine Nest They take on any bird that dares enter its airspace. Peregrine vs Osprey Peregrine vs Baldie Last week I watched the dad track down this laughing gull and decapitate it while loudly eee-chucking. Who'se laughing now bitch? Peregrine nest

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