Monday, July 20, 2015

Back to the Hood

Every once in a while I get to swing back into my old stomping grounds to check on the residents. Since no one blogs about the kestrels or peregrines of NYC I always make it a point to see how they are doing. Also on the list is the Cathedral of St. John hawks who have been going through their own trials and tribulations due to the presence of a new building taking shape right next to them. Their lone baby is visible and active and should be ready to get going in a few weeks. Divine Inspiration There was also a new crop of 4 young kestrels around Wadliegh! Baby Ks At Riverside, I managed to find both parents but signs of their brood were absent. If I had to look again, I would check the Church at around sunset. Riverside Peregrine Last but not least was this sub-adult hawk stalking the nature trails of the North Woods. North Woods Hawk

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