Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Isla de la Plata

Im not even going to try to put into words how awesome this place was. My pix here will only approximate the stark yet rich beauty. The one small disappointment is that we couldnt see the waved albatross because they were nesting. We did have a few thousand blue-footed boobies #230 though. There were also thousands of frigate birds #231. My favorite was the nasca booby #232, although the tropicbird #233 is truly one of the most beautiful birds in flight. We also had red-footed booby #234, which eats predominately squid. On the trails by the station we had the little woodstar #235 and the endemic warbling finch #236. On the boat ride over we had inca tern #237, Peruvian Pelican #238 and Parkinson's shearwater. #239. Also had a close encounter with 2 humpbacks!

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