Saturday, January 04, 2014

Beautiful Barnegat

Looking to fill out my waterbird list I took a day trip to Barnegat Lighthouse on a brisk but clear day. A few hardcore birders were out there and we were all treated to great and prolonged looks at all the action as rafts of ducks hunted along the jetty on the outgoing tide. 31) Harlequin Duck 32) Red-breasted Merganser 33) Common Loon 34) Long-tailed Duck 35) Red-throated Loon 36) Northern Gannet 37,38,39) Surf, Black Scoter and Common Eider 40) Northern Pintail 41) Peregrine Falcon Also seen: 42) Dark Eyed Junco 43) White-throated Sparrow 44)Ruddy Turnstone 45) Purple Sandpiper 46) Dunlin 47) Semi-palmated Sandpiper 48) Herring Gull 49) Snow Goose 50) Atlantic Brandt 51) Double Crested Cormorant 52) European Starling 52) House finch 53) HOSP 54) Grackle 55) Rusty Blackbird

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