Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ecuador Redux

Had a nice opportunity to revisit Ecuador and peel back some of the layers of this country. I spent the majority of my time between Nanegalito and Los Bancos with Mindo Mariposarios being a favored stop. It was a special and needed break from the insanity that sees to be breaking out on daily basis back in the States. In Ecuador I am reminded that birds have lived on this planet for millions of years and survived earthquakes, volcanism, meteor strikes and a few wars. So somehow if I can find them, I too can navigate the cataclysm du jour. So here's what some of that looks like: Las Tangaras! Blue-winged Mountain tanager. BlueWingedMountainTanager Golden Naped Tanager. Golden Naped Tanager Flame faced tanager. Flame Faced Tanager Beryl Spangled Tanager. BerylSpangledTanager Golden Tanager. Golden Tanager Male White lined Tanager Whitelined Tanager Female White lined Tanager. Female whitelined Tanager Blue Necked Tanager. Blue-necked Tanagers Rufous Necked Tanager. RufousThroatedTanager These Swallow Tanagers. Swallow Tanagers Coming next, Hummingbirds!

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