Friday, August 30, 2013

Return to Cape May

It is always a wonderful experience to visit this place. There's just so much here that's awesome, its hard not to be impressed. What enthralled me most was the fragrant smell from all of the wildflowers in bloom. Subtle and sweet, it left me almost drunk like a bee. Not many people were birding along the nature trail. There were a good number of colorful birds to go along with the many colorful dragonflies and butterflies. Blue Dasher Deep in the underbrush many red-starts and yellow warblers were feasting on the bugs. Yellow Warbler There was also this guy and another warbler which I think was a Magnolia Warbler. Catbird and Warbler Also lurking were marsh and carolina wren and thrashers in the bracken. MarshWren Up in the crowns were the juveniles of many species all chasing each other around. That included orioles, JuvyOrioles Kingbirds, Kingbird Family and this Blue Grosbeak who rose up to exert his dominance but was trumped by a fiesty RT Hummingbird. BlueGrosbeak vs RT hummer But the mockingbirds eventually won the day through sheer staring down a rough-winged swallow. Mocker vs Rough Winged Swallow But the real ruler of the marsh was this clumsy Cooper's hawk. Cooper's Attack Brown Dasher Also seen were this Great Crested Flycatcher, Great Crested Flycatcher and a mute swan. SilentWitness On the ocean side the sun was setting on a huge colony of Black Skimmers! BlackSkimmers BlackSkimmers Black Skimmers Black Skimmers An Osprey hovered long and low along the beach like a good night kiss. Beach Skimmer And even some Bottlenose Dolphin were fishing close to the beach. Dolphins Flipper An interesting note is that the 4x4 riding guy said the Skimmers are here almost two weeks longer than last. This corresponds with the 2 week late Spring that we had this year. At least the dolphins seem ok, phew!

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Anonymous said...

oh those black skimmers! first time I've ever seen that bird. incredible. fantastic shots, all.