Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mount Loretto

The cicadas are long since gone as is the swallow-tailed kite that fed upon them. What remains is a very tranquil and serene location that has successfully withstood Sandy's brutal impact. First and foremost was this fledgling yellow billed cuckoo! I heard its baby cuckoo call and tracked it to just over the walk-way by the entrance to the park. BabyCuckoo Soon after I both heard and saw many red-winged blackbirds and yellow warblers. There were also lots of tree and barn swallows. Eventually an osprey flew over along the coast and then these two eastern kingbirds appeared. EasternKingbird There were also alot of common terns and black-backed gulls. AGoodTern But the surprise of the day was a huge colony of bank swallows! CliffSwallows I also saw a few killdeer nesting and one local reported there are occasionally sea turtles that come there to nest as well. All in all a very special and unique place that I hope stays just as it is. On the ferry I noticed that the terns were using the wake of the boat to hunt fish stirred up by the ship's propeller. Wingmen Success! The black-backed gulls were doing it too! ChumInTheWater

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