Friday, February 15, 2013

Pallisades Park

Walking over the GWB there was an adult peregrine mid-span. GW_Peregrine GW_Peregrine_3 One the Jersey side were lots of white-tailed deer and a few red-tailed hawks. Near the overlook where the resident peregrines. Pallisades_Peregrine It's clear nesting season has begun. Pallisades_Peregrine_1 At one of the parks dotting the expressway there was this juvy red-shouldered hawk trying to kill some leaves. Red_Shouldered_Hawk_2 Red_Shouldered_Hawk_1 Last but not least there was a common raven but it saw me first and was off before I could fetch my camera. Great birding but song birds were limited due to the presence of so many raptors.

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