Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kestrel vs. Blue Jay

In the contest between sparrow and kestrel, the kestrel mostly wins. NorthWoodsKestrel_2 But blue jays are a pretty even match. NorthWoodsKestrel_4 And while the kestrel has a formidable arsenal, the blue jay's bill makes it a potentially fatal adversary. Knowing this, these jays tried to move this kestrel off his kill. NorthWoodsKestrel_6 NorthWoodsKestrel_7 NorthWoodsKestrel_8 This bird eventually flew out to the southwest and I lost it somewhere over 104th St. The fact that it was bringing prey back to its nest is an interesting piece of info. Ill try to follow up on it.

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yojimbot said...

this pic proves blue jays nest in Central Park year round.