Sunday, August 12, 2012

Close Kestrels

I went out this morning is search of hawks or peregrines. Instead I found a juvenile female and male kestrel tearing up Morningside Park. A male and juvy female were in the same tree. Female Kestrel Hunt She lit out after some house finches, Female Kestrel Hunt and he as well. Male Kestrel Hunt I watched them pursue some goldfinches and waxwings too, sending the desparate birds out of the Park. I lost sight of them near the Cathedral. After some time, I tried to find the juvy hawks, but had no luck. Instead, I re-found the kestrels...hunting in the very same Close as the hawks! Female Kestrel Hunt Here the female goes after some sparrows in the bushes. Female Kestrel Hunt Female Kestrel Hunt Female Kestrel Hunt After a few minutes of relative calm, the male kestrel showed up. He was focusing on the sounds of the cicadas all around us. He then zeroed in on one and dove in. Male Kestrel Hunt He then returned to his perch and consumed his prey. It was a great fun! But sadly, no sign of the hawks at all. One interesting note is that I found a dead skunk on the 125th Street Exit of the WSH.

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