Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chased Away

Now that nesting season is in full swing, resident raptors assert control over their territory. Here a Riverside parents escorts last years juvenile out of the area.
Peregrine vs Peregrine
The adult was making its "e-chuck, e-chuck!" And drove the youngster out.
Peregrine vs Peregrine
They will also attempt to kill any Cooper's Hawk now found, as Cooper's will prey on young Peregrines if given a chance. This sub-adult was still lurking amongst the rooftops, trying to keep a low profile.
It lit out, trying to flush birds from their perches and almost got this Starling.
CoopersHawk vs Starling
In level flight, an aware starling is very tough to catch...as the Cooper's swung around after missing, an unseen Kestrel gave him a swat for his effort.
CoopersHawk vs Starling vs Kestrel
Kestrel passing by Riverside Church.
RiversideChurch Kestrel

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