Saturday, February 18, 2012

Magical Montauk: Part 1

I can see why Edward Hopper liked it here.
Beautiful landscape! But I was more interested in the water...particularly the surf zone.
A group of Black Scoters frolicked in the waves. All pursuing this lone female.
Many Suitors!
She flaunted her style.
Driving the group wild.
Black Scoters
They joined a group of mixed waterbirds including long-tailed ducks, common mergansers, common loons, common eiders and surf and white winged scoters.
Total numbers were in the thousands, but very hard to say because the birds were spread out and some were way, way out.
MixedFlockWe also searched for harlequin or King eiders or even a razorbill,
but we didnt have much time in the setting sun.

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