Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Wild Parrots of Riverside Park

After seeing these guys so often near my house, I decided to pay a visit to theirs.
Locating the birds by ear was easy, but they where extremely skittish and warily watched me as I stood beneath the West Side Highway.

There was one bird missing 3 toes.

After some time, I got them going to their nest.

Which had recently been DESTROYED, yet again. Which of course, they were rebuilding.

Yet AGAIN!!!

Keep on keepin on little bros!


yojimbot said...

just another brilliant post. Thank you for caring and thank you for not giving up. You are alone, yet I am with you.

Unknown said...

I saw them last night! So amazing. Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!!!

Unknown said...

I saw them last night! Thansk for sharing your awesome photos.