Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uptown Updates

At least 2 babies from Inwood are still around.

Also was able to spy one juvy peregrine still haunting Broadway Bridge.

Over at Riverside Park, the Monks are still going strong in their new nest location.

Interesting note here is that they seem to have integrated a tennis ball into the nest.

Sure would have liked to see them bring that up to the nest. Nearby in Trinity Cemetery, I located one adult redtailed hawk! Not sure if its the surviving adult from the CCNY nest, but it looked healthy. Just across Broadway, I located a new kestrel family. Here's mom,

and at least one juvenile female.

Just goes to show you, nature can be found everywhere and anywhere in the City...not just along 5th Avenue.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think it's considerably more likely that some jerk threw the tennis ball into the Quakers' nest. I doubt the Quakers put it there all by themselves.

And isn't this in the same vicinity where their previous nest was also destroyed by some local idiots?