Thursday, July 14, 2011

How to be a Peregrine

To be a peregrine falcon, you must hunt other birds. To catch other birds, you have to be a total badasss. Here's momma showing how its done on a baby robin.

The kill.

Transfer to the youngster.

Now that the parents are less able to feed their dispersed young, the offspring begin to hunt for themselves. On Tuesday I watched a young female make her first kill at 135th and Riverside. As they become more competent hunters, any bird that strays near the scrape is considered fair game. Thats what happened to this DC Cormorant as it came home for the evening.

3 on was quite the aerial battle, but the Cormorant managed to escaped alive.

Dont worry bro, they cant get you all.

Now that summer's here, Im off practicing how to be a human. Hope you are too!

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