Friday, June 03, 2011

Broadway Peregrines

Havent checked in on the Broadway Bridge peregrines in two weeks so I trekked up to the tip of Manhattan to watch what is always a dicey fledge period. In 2008 I saved one bird from the being hit in the road and again in 2009. Unfortunately, in 2010 I was not so lucky, but I figured that there would be another chance in 2011. When I arrived on the scene I noticed a fresh sprig in the scrape. After waiting for a bit to see if any chicks were still there, the mom stopped in for a quick visit.

I eventually found one small and unsteady eyass, sunning itself on a lower railing while the parents circled overhead.

After watching it for some time I noticed a commotion on top of Columbia Hospital. Another eyass was flapping and calling about. Shortly a fish crow came upon the scene and gave her a few a rude welcome.

The crow drove the falcon off and down into the foliage at the base of the bridge.

Turns out the DEC had just released that bird after it was rescued yesterday on the road. After some searching, it emerged from the trees and tried to land on a nearby crane.

This proved to be a terrible perch and it slid down a few feet before launching back towards the bridge.

It flew off and landed on the Bronx side on a building near the El station. Begging loudly, the parents carefully inspected the prodigal chick!

Before flying off to retrieve a starling, which the youngster lustily consumed.

She visited the eyass a few times

Both parents were very territorial and some workmen reported being attacked as they replaced the roof of the 225th Street Station.

Finally, the remaining chick seems viable, but still very young so he'll need a lot of luck. Dont worry dude, we're pulling for you.

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