Saturday, May 07, 2011

Perfectly Pleasant Pallisades

Migration is in full swing on both side of the Hudson. Soon after entering Pallisades Park, I noticed a drab tanager flitting about. It got quite close as it moved through the woods.

I followed her for a short time till I heard a familiar call. I didnt have to search long before I found a gorgeous male yellow warbler.

It was impossible to get a clear shot, but I had great fun listening to its sweet trilling and watching it hunt for bugs.

As I moved through the woods, bird song was all around. The gentle flutes of orioles and tanagers carried on the clear air through the canopy below me. Up on the bluffs I heard this chestnut sided as it picked through catkins.

At certain points there were flycatchers of all sorts joining the chorus. That's how I found this gorgeous but shy Great Crested Flycatcher

and this kingbird.

Scanning the rocky bluffs, I did not see any peregrines, but shockingly quite a few geese were nesting up there.

I also found this gorgeous redtail patrolling the cliffs where starling were nesting.

There was also a pair of nesting Ravens. I watched them for some time and what struck me most is how raptor-like their wings and tail can appear.

and from a distance I mistook them for turkey vultures.

Great birding in a serene and grand location that is accessible by walking.

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Anonymous said...

Love the soaring shots from above, rather than below. Mildly surprised about the presence of ravens. Looks like a lovely day of birding.