Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recent Raptors

A mix of nesting residents and migrating birds. Today I saw 2 Turkey Vultures, one quite close over Morningside. And while no eagles, I did spy this little killer.

Out of the corner of my eye, I had actually seen him snag the poor white throated sparrow just past the Lily Pond. It landed just nearby, the sparrow still horribly struggling. I watched amazed as the hawk delivered the killing blow then absconded beyond the Great Hill with its prize!
For it knows that someone is always in the case of this kestrel who gets run off by a crow over a mouse it was eating.

Also hunting hard above Riverside are the peregrines. Here's an attempt at a panning shot while she goes after one of the juvenile redtails who are still unbelievably plying the pigeon trade over St. Nicholas Park.

Last but not least, still no sign of chicks at St. John. I caught up with Isolde feeding on a squirrel over Morningside, but no food was brought to the nest.

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