Friday, March 18, 2011

Meet the Neighbors

The last week has been some of the most awesome bird watching to date.
On Monday the resident peregrines launched a sustained attack on the over-wintering juvenile Cooper's hawk. They wheeled over and over as the falcons took turns driving the Coopers down amongst the brownstones, nearly killing it. This is a sure sign they are nesting.
On Tuesday the Cooper's re-appeared over St. Nicholas Park, only to be attacked by the over wintering Merlin and then resident redtailed hawks.
On Wednesday, the resident kestrels appeared after a long absence. Mating over Manhattan Ave., they have re-chosen their former nesting spot.

On Thursday I witness both the CCNY hawks and the Cathedral Hawks mating (separately). In one incredible encounter, all 4 adult hawks were mixing it up over St. Nicholas Park!

The males jousted on the strong winds, displaying an agility rarely seen.
Now that that's been settled, lets get on with the business of nesting.

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